'I'll get by. I'll survive. When the world's crashing down. When I fall and hit the ground. I will turn myself around. Don't you try to stop me'

I think it is a song about telling yourself that no matter what happens or how many times life knocks you down that you are strong enough to get back up and keep fighting. That no one can stop you from doing what you want. The song expresses the fear that Alice faces in wonderland. She tries to get out of that place and she becomes involved in events that will change something in her. She hopes to survive and won’t cry or break down. In this case I feel it relates to the fear that Katniss faces in the Hunger Games. Her love for Prim is so strong that she is willing to sacrifice herself for her sister, something that not many others in the district would do for their family members. Through flashback, Katniss reveals how she grew up as a survivor after her father’s death and her mother’s descent into depression. This flashback illustrates Katniss’ strength and will to survive.